Interim Management and Training

We offer Interim Management in the yachting sector in any overseas countries worldwide.

Whenever there is a staff shortage, when staff is required to fill a vacant position on a limited duration or when human resources are needed urgently and immediately, we are able to step in.

Our highly skilled and experienced personal can be assigned at once, anytime and on site to fill any vacancies at a company until the vacancy is covered by local staff and management. We ensure that the profiles of our candidates meet with the job responsibilities. We guarantee for a high flexibility, fast adoption of the work responsibilities, implementing of project oriented work methods and an orientation on time and results. We work with local employees side by side and can furthermore provide training of local staff and management.

Our approach is cost reducing for the client and lasting for the company. Since our experience showed that an interim solution is much more than an ad hoc solution for staff shortage issues. Interim Management on managerial, team leader and foremen positions furthermore increases dramatically the quality and the knowhow of the local employees.

Interim Management is offered by us in naval architecture, project and company management, cost and quality control, procurement, secretary and administration, as well as in sales and marketing.


Owner Representation

Owner Representation is our independent overseeing and inspection of the build/refit/conversion process empowered by an agreement within the shipyard’s contract. We act on behalf of the client in order to ensure a smooth success of the project.

As Owner Representative entrusted with your project we first formulate an individual package of tools specific to every phase of the build. This provides us a proactive means of supervising work in progress monitoring every single detail against a master profile.

This attention to detail is applied to each and every stage of the hull build, engineering and technical works up to final requirements of classification society codes. Together with the ensuring of quality and cost control at any phase of the project, our main concern is to guarantee that the yacht being built meets all design, technical/material/equipment specifications. Our work is completed not until a successful commissioning and sea trial for handover.


Project Development

Project Development is a bespoke superyacht surveyor service for clients who either want to build a yacht or purchase a vessel that is supposed to be converted or undergoing a major refit.

Our service is a pre-evaluation study of the project and bridges the gap between designer and shipyard, concept and build. Our aim is to provide our clients with essential information in order to enable them to make a sound decision on the project they envisage by themselves.

On the basis of a specification of the yacht, which will be written first, we then draw up a preliminary cost calculation and a project plan that consider all relevant costs and work units at any stage during the building period. Beside new builds or refits we also assist our clients in finding a suitable vessel for conversion, which we will be firstly inspected under condition and suitability aspects and by request put down in a written superyacht survey report.

All our services are done in-house and with no liaison with any companies or organisations.


Design and Engineering

Design of motor and sailing yachts
Enginreeing of hull, superstructure, rigg and systems
Technical 2D &3D drawings
Hydroelectric calculations
Calculation of material according to ISO/DIN regulations
Yacht Design and inclination testing
Weight and buoyancy calculations

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